Our expert technicians are available to attend to your pest problems.

Promptly and competently!

Total Home Pest Control

Quarterly Pest Control Service $85**

  • A technician conducts a detailed home evaluation to identify existing and potential pest problems.

  • Details of the proposed protection plan are reviewed with the homeowner.

  • An extensive initial interior/exterior treatment plan is carried out by our licensed technicians.

  • Exterior Quarterly follow up treatments are conducted to prevent pest reentry on exterior.

  • Over 20 different pests covered!

  • Now Mosquitos included



​One Time Service

This is a single service without additional service obligations. Any problem, we have a one-time service to fit your needs. One-Time Service comes with a 30-day guarantee.  



​Bee Removal

Free estimates - same day service may be available.



Rodent Exclusion

  • Complete home inspection 

  • All entry points are sealed to prevent re-entry

  • Rodents are trapped

  • Home protected for with a 6 month service warranty

**Call for details

Termite Extermination

From drywood termite fumigation to subterranean soil treatments, we do it all. We have a variety of termite solutions that are guaranteed to eliminate your problem.

  • First, a complete home inspection is conducted to identify all potential problems

  • Next, a detailed service plan is prepared and discussed with the homeowner

  • All agreed upon services are completed

  • Home put under one of our home protection plans

  • Home is inspected and maintained termite free every year**



​Home Repair**

  • Quality workmanship

  • Great rates

  • Prompt, courteous service